E.S.V. Ichthus Amsterdam

About this association

Number of members
40 Location Christ Church
Year of Establishment
1965 Borrel day(s) Tuesday
Hazing n/a Email address
Yearly contribution
€ 100.00 Website www.ichthusamsterdam.nl

Text written by the association

Ichthus Amsterdam is a christian student association that comes together every Tuesday in the city centre of Amsterdam. We start with a meal, followed by a Bible study through which we connect with God and each other and openly speak about our faith.

Other activities are: a Praise & Prayer, a lecture or other fun activities such as a canal cruise. At the end of the night we have a ‘borrel’ together, which means that we meet each other over
drinks. Every year we organize a prom, we go out on weekends together and we celebrate Christmas and Easter together!

Ichthus is a small-scaled student association which makes it easy to get to know one another. To start each year on a positive note we do not start with a hazing but we take the first month (September) to get to know the new members and to make them feel at home.

Are you curious what our student association looks like? You can become a member at any time so feel free to come by!