About Lid Worden In Amsterdam


Dear (future) student,

Do you want to have the best time as a student? Do you feel like you are missing something in this big city or are you just looking for more social contacts and friends (the Dutch ‘gezelligheid’)?

In a big city such as Amsterdam you can become a member of one of the 25 student associations. Join a fun group and make friends for life. Get invaluable experience by collaborating in an association’s committees or enjoy yourself at their activities.

All 25 student associations each have a unique character. Do you prefer a traditional Dutch association or are you looking for something completely different? Are you creative, well-spoken or do you like sports? In Amsterdam there is an association for everyone, but you still have to find the right one for you. That is why we have created ‘Lid Worden In Amsterdam’. Here you’ll find information about each association and by doing the quiz you can easily find out which association is right for you.


After taking the quiz or selecting an association in the association overview, you arrive at the information page for a specific student association. The essential information is at the top in the information block followed by a short explanatory text written by the association below that.

The number of members is generally a rounded number to provide an indication of the size of an association. The intensity of the hazing/introduction period is difficult to put numbers to but if an association has an introduction period it has been ranked 1 through 5. An intensity of 1 is the mildest introduction and a 5 is the most intense. This information has been communicated to us by the associations themselves. Also important to note is that the yearly contributions figure consists only of the contribution to the association and does not include additional fees that you may incur by becoming part of a club or otherwise.

The most recent information can of course be found at the association’s own information channels and it is even better to drop by. Many associations have open events that are published on this website monthly.


Lid Worden in Amsterdam is an initiative of the Amsterdamse Kamer van Verenigingen, the umbrella organisation of 25 student associations in Amsterdam. On this website you’ll find the information about all these associations to help you make the right choice; one that will shape your time as a student here in Amsterdam.

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