A.S.C. / A.V.S.V.

About this association

Number of members
2800 Location Sociëteit Nos Iungit Amicitia
Year of Establishment
1851 Borrel day(s) Monday – Thursday
Hazing 4 / 5 Email address
Yearly contribution
€ 131.50 Website www.asc-avsv.nl

Text written by the association

The A.S.C./A.V.S.V. has around 2800 members which makes it the biggest student association of the Netherlands. With its incorporation in 1851 it is the oldest student association of Amsterdam. The heart of the association is the Society N.I.A. on the Warmoesstraat, close to Dam Square. N.I.A. is open for all of her members from Monday till Thursday.

The special subassociation system characterices the A.S.C./A.V.S.V. In total the A.S.C./A.V.S.V. has 36 sub associations, from which 18 men associations and 18 women associations. They differ from each other in character by traditions and activities. Each sub association organizes a lot of activities like vacations, parties and much more! Also, each sub association has their own house in the centre of Amsterdam.

Besides the activities of the sub associations, the A.S.C./A.V.S.V. organizes a lot of exciting activities like the yearly event the N.I.A.-week. But also, there are many study related diners where you can meet a lot of interesting companies for your future career. Every year there are a lot of interesting workshops and trainings, among which exam workshops.

At last the A.S.C./A.V.S.V. is linked to 29 small student associations for as example theatre, rugby, tennis, hockey and rowing. Besides these hobby related associations there are also linked study related student associations.