A.S.K.V. Particolarte

About this association

Number of members
83 Location Sociëteit de KPATHP
Year of Establishment
1989 Borrel day(s) Monday
Hazing n/a Email address
Yearly contribution
€ 100.00 Website www.particolarte.nl

Text written by the association

Particolarte is a student association with a focus on art and culture. If you would like to express or develop your creativity, Particolarte is the place for you! Among other things we offer open mic nights at which our members can show their talents. We also manage committees which organise workshops for different kind of art forms, such as theatre and fine arts. Particolarte even develops a magazine on a monthly basis.

For those who prefer to admire the talents of others, every month a cultural agenda is composed. This agenda consists of several visits to concerts, theatres, and museums. In short, Particolarte
offers the perfect start to discover the cultural life of Amsterdam. However, of course, we do not always need a cultural purpose to have fun! Every Monday, we have a pub night for members in ‘de Krater’, a cosy bar located at Prinsengracht 181. Also, we organise different trips, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Particolarte is a student association without any hierarchy. There are no rules or obligations.

Did we draw your attention? Come and have a drink with us on Mondays from 9.30 PM! We also offer the possibility to have dinner at 8, prior to the drinks (this only costs 3 euros. Send an email to kook@particolarte.nl to announce your presence, and please notify us if you have allergies or dietary requirements.

Do you want more information about us or have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Just send an email or start a chat conversation on Facebook or Twitter.