A.S.R. Nereus

About this association

Number of members
1000 Location Boat House Nereus
Year of Establishment
1885 Borrel day(s) Tuesday (external) and Thursday (internal)
Hazing 1/5 Email address
Yearly contribution
€ 200.00 Website www.nereus.nl

Text written by the association

The Amsterdam Rowing Association Nereus was founded in 1885 and has grown to be the largest and most succesful rowing association of The Netherlands. Nereus is known to be the ideal combination between professional rowing and the student life.

With good guidance and a professional attitude, lots of victories are achieved every year in (inter)national competitions by both professional and beginning rowers.

Nereus is the biggest supplier of the Dutch team with 19 members at the Olympics at Rio de Janeiro in 2016. A gold medal and four bronze medals were won.

Of course, not everyone wants to or is able to compete at the highest level. That is why there are enough opportunities to row and compete at a less intensive level where the emphasis lies on the social aspect that Nereus has to offer.

With many committees and thanks to the commitment of her members, Nereus has an enormous organizational capacity. Every year big events are organized such as the Heineken Roeivierkamp, the Thetissprint, the Carpit Noctim and the Dutch Championship Indoor Rowing.

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