A.S.T.P.V. Chip & Charge

About this association

Number of members
325 Location Café Biblos
Year of Establishment
1998 Borrel day(s) Wednesday
Hazing n/a Email address
Yearly contribution
€ 160.00 Website www.chipencharge.nl

Text written by the association

A.S.T.P.V. Chip & Charge is a studentsportcommunity where you can play tennis, have a drink and meet new people. We have around 300 members and we organise all kinds of activities during the year.

We have many tournaments like the Winter Open Tournament and the Summer Open Tournament, in February and August. We also play competition in the autumn and spring and you can train the whole year.

For the members who find having a beer more fun than playing tennis, there are also a lot of parties, going skiing for holidays, our gala and a lot more. You can also join a commission.

In September, every monday we have Open Clubnight where you are very welcome from 7pm to play tennis and have a beer with us.

During the introduction weeks, we organise an open party that you don’t want to miss!

Don’t forget to check our Facebookpage!

See you soon!