A.S.Z.V. Orionis

About this association

Number of members
225 Location Sociëteit De Heilige Zeug
Year of Establishment
1985 Borrel day(s) Thursday
Hazing 1/5 Email address
Yearly contribution
€ 90.00 Website ervaar.orionis.nl

Text written by the association

Become a member of Orionis! Come sail and party at the Amsterdam Student Association! With over 200 members, Orionis is one of the biggest student sailing associations of the Netherlands.

At Orionis, you can relax on a boat at one of our weekends in Friesland or become a member of one of our competition teams. We sail on keelboats, dingies and our “skûtsje”; a traditional Frisian sailing ship.

Every Wednesday we have drinks at ‘The Heilige Zeug’. We also organize all sorts of activities like gala’s, skiing trips and
sailweekends in Friesland.

At Orionis, we have ‘vloten’. These are sororities and fraternaties, where members of Orionis from different years make friendships for life.

We do not have a hazing period at Orionis. However, Orionis starts with an intensive introduction period, with at the end a weekend in Friesland to celebrate the new members. Don’t miss the boat!

Come taste the atmosphere at Orionis during the introduction time! Have a look at our website or on our Facebook to see what we offer.

If you have any questions about Orionis, don’t hesitate to email us at bestuur@orionis.nl.