ASVA Student Union

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2800 Location CREA
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1945 Borrel day(s) n/a
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€ 15.00 Website

Text written by the association

The ASVA Student Union is the central advocacy organization for students in Amsterdam. The ASVA Student Union has about 2800 members and 35 member associations. We lobby at local politics for more student housing and at your University and Univeristy of Applied Science for better quality of education. Besides lobbying, ASVA also offers a few services for students.

As a member from ASVA, you can join our weekly bike sale for the most cheap, legal bikes in Amsterdam (for €61). Also, we offer trainings at our training agency. At last, our legal office will gladly help you if you run into legal issues. For general questions, you can always contact our Student Desk. But, ASVA is also a lot of fun! Every Wednesday we have our Wednesday-afternoon-lunch and on Fridays the Friday-drinks. Around 40 people are active in our organization. Do you want to help us to stand up for students and to make new friends? Become active at ASVA!

If you want to think along about how to solve the room deficit or how to improve education, sign up for one of our committees or apply as an employee! Also, we are always looking for people to research student problems and for people who want to help us organize KersVers, the introduction period from the HvA. In short, at ASVA you can explore a lot of different sides to the student life and gain a lot of experience!

Check out our website for recent updates of what’s keeping us busy and become a member! Because the more members, the stronger we stand!