A.S.D.V. Bonaparte

About this association

Number of members
165 Location De Meervaart
Year of Establishment
1998 Borrel day(s) Tuesday
Hazing n/a Email address
Yearly contribution
€ 45.00 Website www.asdvbonaparte.nl/

Text written by the association

Do you like debating, public speaking or do you simply want to meet many interesting people? Come to ASDV Bonaparte! ASDV Bonaparte is a dynamic society, founded in 1998 and is not only one of the best debating societies in the Netherlands, but also a nice place to just have fun.

We don’t do initiations or obligatory attendance, but we do have commissions which you can become a part of very quickly. We also organize lots of activities like dinners, movienights, a gala and workshops in public speaking and reasoning.

Bonaparte also organizes a couple of debating tournaments every year. Last year, we had the honor of hosting the Dutch Debating Championships.

ASDV Bonaparte organizes an evening every Tuesday night on one of our two locations. For the right time and location, please check our website.

We hope to see you soon!