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The Amsterdam Student Debate Association Bonaparte was founded in 1998. Since then, Bonaparte has become the best debate association in not only Amsterdam, but the Netherlands too. Interested in public speaking, debating, tournaments, workshops or fun socials? This is the place for you!

Bonaparte is a lively association, in which each member determines what they want from their membership. Some members mainly come to debate, others just for socialising. We don’t have any hazing or mandatory attendance, but instead have committees in which you can quickly become active. Our association is very proud of the international community it has helped to foster alongside its Dutch debaters so absolutely everyone is welcome to join. It doesn’t matter what you study, which political party you identify with or whether you are a bachelor or master student, we would love to get to know you! Many activities are organised throughout the year, such as parties, dinners, movie nights, a gala and various debate tournaments.

Find out more at our website: https://www.asdvbonaparte.nl/

Admissions are open all year round.