About this association

Number of members
900 Location Sociëteit L.A.N.X.
Year of Establishment
1880 Borrel day(s) Monday – Friday
Hazing 4/5 Email address
Yearly contribution
€ 145.00 Website www.komlanx.nl

Text written by the association

International student in Amsterdam? Do you want to experience the ultimate student life of Amsterdam? Do you easily want to make new friends? Do you like parties?

L.A.N.X. is the place to be! L.A.N.X. is a student association with over 900 members and has a rich history located in the city center of Amsterdam. With a membership we offer you weekly events such as parties, gala’s, sport events, network events and many more possibilities to meet people and to expand you capabilities.

The membership lasts for 5 years and is attainable for (inter)national students attending a bachelor study in the Netherlands.

Our introduction parties will be held throughout the month August. More information can be found at https://www.komlanx.nl. Come by one of our parties to experience what it’s like!
You want to experience the best time of your life? More information is available by emailing praeses@lanx.nl.