R.S.V.U. Okeanos

About this association

Number of members
480 Location Sociëteit Villa Erevlot
Year of Establishment
1957 Borrel day(s)
Hazing 2/5 Email address
Yearly contribution
€ 125.00 Website www.okeanos.nl

Text written by the association

R.S.V.U Okeanos is founded in the year 1957 and since that time evolved in one of the best student rowing clubs of The Netherlands. At Okeanos you can find the ideal mix for every student: sport and fun. Everyone is welcome at Okeanos: from our top rowers who train at an Olympic level to those who train once a week and join all the parties.

Okeanos is a club with a lot of tradition, however, we do not have a hazing period. In the introduction period, consisting of 6 weeks, you will learn the basics of rowing. Twice a week you’ll row with a team and simultaneously get to know the members and the club at Thursday drinks and the Introductionweekend. Okeanos is the only student rowing club situated at the most prestigious rowing course of the Netherlands: the Bosbaan (only 5 minute bike ride from the VU).

Every week, dinners, drinks and other activities are organised at the club. For example, wintersports, beer tasting evenings, gala’s etc.

Besides student life at Okeanos, you will get a chance to develop yourself professionally and personally. With lots of committees and different friend groups, your network grows.

Okeanos is a club with 400 members and thus one of the biggest clubs in Amsterdam. We are a tight group, where everybody knows each other and where you quickly feel at home.