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Number of members
200 Location Varies
Year of Establishment
1947 Borrel day(s) Wednesday
Hazing n/a Email address
Yearly contribution
€ 50.00 Website

Text written by the association

SIB-Amsterdam is the Dutch United Student Association and is the student association in Amsterdam for international relations. SIB is the first internationally oriented student association in Amsterdam!

We are a unique association with a perfect composition of intellectual and social activities. Our student association has an interdisciplinary character with a focus on political, cultural and social topics from a global point of view. We are open to both Dutch and international students and all our activities are in English. Next to the intellectual activities about relevant topics, SIB also organizes travels around the world with several trips every year.

There are also drinks and several parties throughout the year! All these activities are organized by committees in which you can take a seat and where you can develop yourself. In addition to committees, SIB also has societies, in which you meet with members who share the same interest in the most diverse areas, from films and games to culinary delights. SIB is an active association with around 200 members and has no obligations nor hazing. In September we have our introduction weekend to Brussels, where you can get to know the (new) members in a fun way and visit EU-institutions. Students from all backgrounds are welcome.

Curious? Then come and join one of our activities. For more information, “like” our Facebook page and go to our website!