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SIB-Amsterdam is the Dutch United Nations Student Association, and is the student association in Amsterdam for anyone with an interest in international relations. SIB is the first internationally oriented student association in Amsterdam!

We are a unique association with a perfect composition of intellectual and social activities. Our student association has an interdisciplinary character with a focus on political, cultural and social topics from a global point of view. We are open to both Dutch and international students and all our activities are in English. Next to our intellectual activities, we also organize travels around the world with several trips each year, where we also visit international organizations.

There are also drinks and parties throughout the year! All of our activities are organized by our committees, which you can join to work together with other SIB members and develop yourself. Joining a committee is fun and useful, as you get a lot of experience organizing events and you are also left with some nice contacts in the field of international relations. In addition to committees, we also have societies, which meet up once a month, each with a different theme. Some examples are movies, games and culinary delights. SIB is an active association with around 200 members and has no obligations nor hazing. In September you can join the introduction weekend to Brussels, where you can meet members in a fun way and visit EU-institutions. Students from all backgrounds are welcome.

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Admissions are open all year round.